Meklord Deck * Ready To Play * Yu-gi-oh

This is a 40 card Meklord Deck
All in Mint / Near Mint condition
Ancient Gear Golem (Black Rare) Blowback Dragon (Black Rare) 3 x Meklord Army Of Granel (Rare) 3 x Meklord Army Of Wisel 3 x Meklord Army Of Skiel Darklon 3 x The Big Saturn
Kinetic Soldier
Viser Des
Fortress Warrior
2 x Twin-Barrel Dragon
3 x Fortissimo The Mobile Fortress 3 x The Resolute Meklord Army 3 x Reboot 3 x Boon Of The Meklord Emperor
Mage Power Chaos Infinity (Rare) 3 x Mektimed Blast 3 x Meklord Factory

All Yu-gi-oh cards I sell are genuine Konami tournament legal

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