One of the most EXTREMELY RARE Goebel Figurines You Can Find:

PROTOTYPE SAMPLE, meaning it was the first out of the *mother mold*. These prototypes are then presented to the Siessen convent

(where Sister M.I. Hummel resided after taking her vows.)

(Note: if you double )

Designed in 1939 by master sculptor Reinhold Unger from the original drawings of Sister M.I. Hummel.

The MEL stands for Hum*MEL*.

This figurine was a prototype, also known as a sample model, but for some undetermined reason the figurine was not approved by Sister Hummel's convent in 1939.

Later it was approved in the mid-1950s as HUM 117.

It was supposed to be paired with MEL 1 and 2: three advent figurines .

Only MEL 1 has the Goebel stamp. HUM 2 and 3 have "Germany" as their inscription.

(Remember West and East Germany didn't exist until 1949.)

The MEL figurines were only sold in Germany.

MEL 3 stands at 3.5 inches tall.

Notice under the bottom of the horse it is inscribed with *GERMANY*.

There is a minute chip in the front of the toy horse, but it is not even noticeable when the figurine is on a flat surface (take a look at the photos to verify my claim).

Other than this tiny chip, there are no repairs.

Of course, there is some crazing
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