Melody Stone- Super Seven Melody's 7 DT baby crystal

My direction has changed in a big way. I am no longermaking jewelry or teaching regular crystal classes, now I am just doing private healing sessions.

This is GREAT news for you, as I am clearing out a large majority of my collection. These are ALL pieces that have NEVER been used for any type of work yet.

They all need jobs, as they aren't fulfilling their divine purpose by sitting in my collection.

Every piece can be Reiki attuned, just ask! Those that have been, will be noted in the individual listing. I can program them for you to a specific purpose, although I like the new owners to do it for themselves. If you need help in doing so, just send me an email and I will gladly give you some instruction. It is really very easy, only takes a few minutes, and you can program several at the same time.


If you are looking for something in particular, ask me!


This auction is for (1) Melody's Stone / Super 7 Crystal

Weight: 2 grams (10 carats)

15 x 10 mm

This is a sweet little gem. Not perfect, but it is double termitnated.

Great color, character & energy. Would be awesome as a 3rd eye crystal.
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