MELT BANANA Bambi's Dilemma LP an albatross SPAZZ pop

MELT BANANA Bambi's Dilemma LP

__________________________________________________________ A-Zap (2007) NEW / UNPLAYED / SEALED IN SHRINKWRAP DOMESTIC RELEASE
The new MELT BANANA ALBUM on wax !!!
And has it really been four years since Cell-Scape came out? That album has become one of my favorite albums of all time, a disc that I throw on constantly, never tiring of it's hyperspeed sci-fi sugar blast. I love everything that Melt Banana has done, every single one of their albums and EPs holds a very special place in my heart, but it was Cell-Scape that saw the band reaching a whole new level of awesomeness, with massive production, crushing riffage that was 100 times heavier than anything that had come before, and the introduction of lush, cosmic electronic ambience that served as a segueway between MB's supersonic blasts of pop-encrusted psychedelic powerviolence. So 's the follow-up, the weirdly titled Bambi's Dilemma, which the band has been referring to as a more "rock" orientated release. So what's my take on this? F**KING AWESOME. Bambi's Dilemma has the thick, powerful production and sleek blastbeat sheen of Cell-Scape, and yeah, t is more of an accessible rock element , but only on a handful of the album's 18 songs, w Melt Banana seems to have assimiliated some garage
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