MELVINS Ozma/Gluey Porch Treatments CD SUNN isis sludge

MELVINS Ozma / Gluey Porch Treatments CD

__________________________________________________________ Boner (2007) NEW / UNPLAYED / SEALED IN SHRINKWRAP DOMESTIC RELEASE
Almost 20 years later, this is still some of the heaviest sh*t you'll ever hear. 1989's Ozma is the second album from the Melvins, following up the landmark sludgepit revelations of Gluey Porch Treatments , and featured the King Buzzo/Dale Crover/ Lori "Lorax" Black (who was allegedly Shirley Temple’s daughter) lineup now relocated to San Francisco from Seattle. Totally classic angular/abstract sludgerock, like Flipper, KISS, and My War -era Black Flag dragged through molasses, with spastic, complex riffs and crushing stop/start drum pummel that's so f*cking flattening that the album generates immediate whiplash every time you toss it in. A bunch of Buzzo's lyrics are printed in the booklet, and it's drunken, demented lyricism at it's best. A bunch of covers on , too: the Melvin's run through stomping versions of KISS' "Love Theme", the song "Creepy Smell" works in the intro to the song "Living In Sin" from Gene Simmons' solo album, "Candy-O" is a Cars tune that becomes absolutely crushing , and "Leeech" is a Green River cover. And t's the flirtations with feedback drones and guitar noise that the Melvins would
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