Memento Mori Skull Rosary Catacombs Of Rome Soil Relic

Memento Mori is a Latin phrase translated as âeoeRemember that you are mortal,âe or âeoeRemember your deathâe. A carved bone skull bead adorning a Rosary is a common theme for many cultures. Used by nuns as an ever-present reminder that one-day they too must die. In this Rosary all of the Lord's Prayer beads are carved ox bone skulls with bead caps. The Hail Mary beads are blue stained Job's Tears. This is not an antique nor is it made of any particularly valuable materials, but everything about it is dark and morbid. The centerpiece features âeoeEcce Homoâe Latin for âeoeBehold the Manâe ( A bust of Jesus Christ wearing the crown of thorns ) on the front and the Mother & Child on the back. The Crucifix is a true reliquary, which holds a tiny amount of Soil from the Catacombs mixed with enamel. The Latin version (Terra Catacumba) is embossed on the back of the Crucifix. The soil is volcanic tufo from the Catacombs of Rome. Both the Crucifix and the centerpiece were made in Italy. This Rosary is a massive 27 inches long!

The Catacombs of Rome are ancient underground burial places under and near Rome, Italy. They began in the 2nd century, as a way for persecuted Christians to bury their dead secretly. Later they were constructed as a response to overcrowding
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