X-Men #15, December 1965, The Origin of the Beast

For auction is a Marvel Comic Book of the X-Men #11, May 1965 featuring The Stranger . To begin, this comic book has not been professionally certified and comes straight from my own personal collection . With that said, paired with the research I've done, I'm calling this to be in very good condition. This comic is in great overall shape. There is a piece of tape to the top left edge the covers both the front and back. Other than that, the cover and the rest of the comic is amazing. It has great color and is intact. The inside front is great and back covers are great. The color on the inside pages is vibrant and the pages are all intact as well. The back cover is good. Please refer to the pictures to see what I've highlighted and ask me any questions you may have. Overall, I call the condition very good, but again that is not a professional appraisal. This will be a great addition to your collection and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.