X-MEN #54 FN-
All of my Silver & Bronze Age books were graded by Overstreet standards BY AN OVERSTREET ADVISOR . Being graded by an Overstreet advisor, and this particular advisor, these books are STRICTLY GRADED , and there should be no argument to the grading you receive with your book(s) because you're in for a real surprise when you get them. You can even tell by some of the pictures that the grade may not be as high as the book actually is, and this is how selling raw, vintage books on eBay should be sold. There is nothing worse when buying vintage books than thinking you're buying a VF and getting a VG/FN, or whatever. Better to set the expectation lower so the book is a better purchase for you! Read our feedback, our grades have impressed!
Let me explain the reasons behind me not actually grading the books myself:
(1) Time – I’m a very busy person and I literally do not have the time to spend hours grading comics,
(2) Honesty – since these books were part of my collection and I have to admit to some emotional feelings towards many of the books being sold and as such, it was possible that my grading would ‘suffer’ under these conditions – thus I hired an expert to grade the books, someone who had no emotional ties to the books being sold.
I purchased many
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