X-Men #61 2nd Appearance of Sauron Neal Adams art

X-Men#61 3.0 Condition* Second appearance of Sauron *Back cover missing approximately 1 square inch. Does not affect story. Otherwise a 7.0 >

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The book or books being auctioned here hail from an original owner collection of approximately 6,000 books recently purchased in Massachusetts. To store them, the owner would often take a cereal box, cut it in half "vertically" and, after putting a group of comics in a plastic bag, carefully sandwich the books in between the two halves of the box as seen here. The string was attached to a rubber band to allow for stretching.
The collection has almost every Marvel title and many popular D.C. titles from the period of 1963 or 64 up to about 1979.
Also, almost every issue is included - including the keys. Some of the books are currently being graded which is why there may be a gap in some issues. Others are being sold "raw". Over the next few weeks we will be auctioning this collection off primarily on eBay.

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To ship, we bag and board the books and pack them very carefully between sturdy cardboard! We are comic collectors and ship books the same way we would want to receive them ourselves!
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