Although I am not a professional grader, I will usually put what I think the grade is in the description. I do not say this to absolve myself of any responsibilities of grading but to let the buyer know that grading is subjective and that we all may see things differently from time to time. That being said I try to go by the Overstreet grading system and am usually pretty accurate (Check my feedback). Also what you see in the picture is what you will receive. There are no "stock" photos and the photos that you do see are in high resolution. This ends up being a little bit more work for me but this way you can get the best representation of the item possible, without actually being here with me. The only exception to this rule is in my store listings when there is more than one copy of an item being offered. In this situation the photo that you see may or may not be the actual item. They will all be at least the grade that is listed, some may be better. And if you need additional scans of any of the items just let me know and I will get them to you.



Shipping and handling costs for any number of books will be $6.50. That means for one book the cost will be $6.50 or for 100 books the cost will be $6.50. After many different combinations this has become the
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