ULTRA-HIGH GRADE X-MEN #5! This super-bright and glossy copper-age comic was strictly graded by CGC and boasts phenomenal eye appeal. NOTE: T IS A CRACK AT THE LOWER LEFT CORNER OF THE CGC CASE. THE COMIC ITSELF IS STILL WELL PROTECTED WITHIN THE INNER WELL, IT ONLY AFFECTS THE HEAVY OUTER HOLDER, WHICH C.G.C. WILL REPLACE ANY TIME FOR A NOMINAL FEE. BUY IT NOW, AS THIS EARLY ISSUE IS TOUGH TO FIND IN MINT SHAPE, AND IT HAS JUST THE SECOND APPEARANCE OF OMEGA RED . IMMACULATE CONDITION: If you too are extra picky, and want copies that are not only well preserved and of exceptional structural quality, but also look like they were printed JUST RIGHT with perfect framing and deep color strike with accurate registration and sharp corners, and lacking any date notations or markings or flaws from the distribution process, then you crave books of this caliber and you already know how seldom these opportunities arise. These come from a cool dry dark non-smoking environment. STUNNING WOLVERINE & OMEGA RED COVER, BY JIM LEE, SHOWING LOGAN FACING AN ALL NEW ARCH-VILLAIN NAMED OMEGA RED (Arkady Rossovich). THIS ISSUE ALSO INCLUDES MAVERICK! This hot mutant comic-book is well known to fans and dealers alike as an early new-team issue featuring the ever-popular mutants by the inimitable creative team of mutant-masters John Byrne and Jim
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