This lot includes the entire Mike Carey/Christos Gage run of X-Men and X-Men: Legacy. It includes the following:
• X-Men #188-207 (this run includes all the crossover issues of Messiah Complex, plus all the backup story chapters of Endangered Species) • X-Men: Legacy #208-275 (this run includes all the crossover issues of Divided We Stand, Manifest Destiny, Original Sin, Nation X, Necrosha, Second Coming, Age of X and Avengers Vs. X-Men) • X-Men: Legacy #260.1 by Christos Gage and David Baldeon • X-Men Annual #1 by Mike Carey and Mark Brooks • X-Men Legacy Annual #1 by Mike Carey and Daniel Acuna
That's 91 issues total, the entire run from when Carey picked up the series from Peter Milligan. It includes some incredible art by Chris Bachalo to start the series, and the series is notable for featuring Rogue as its focal point (with some Professor X issues as an interlude during "Divided We Stand"). If you love Rogue, these stories are essential.
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Fine to Near Mint condition.
These comics have been read at least once. Many may be in good enough condition for CGC slabbing, but no guarantees. They're excellent for reading, however!
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