Mendel Drucker Wardrobe Steamer Trunk

Up for Auction is this Mendel Wardrobe Trunk, made by the Mendel Drucker Trunk Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has the triangle plate on top identifying the manufacturer and w it was made, as well as their logo, which is a lion standing on a trunk, advertising Beauty and Strength. T is a Serial #34573 on it as well. The leather handle is fully intact as you can see in one of the pictures. It does show some wear, but it does support the weight of the trunk. (which I might add is very heavy) The outside is a composite material in a dark green color, which I originally thought was black. I did some minor cleaning on the outside, but it could probably use a better cleaning by someone who knows what they are doing. T is a spot on the bottom w I was experimenting with cleaners and found the one that was not compatible with the finish. It shows up as a whitish spot. T is a lock, but I do not have the key.

The interior is finished in a very pretty blue flowered material that does show some dirt around the edges and it has worn through on some of the drawers. It does smell musty but a good airing out might do the trick. T are 9 hangers, one of which has a small crack in it. T are 4 drawers that are good sized. The top one has a divider in it, and the other three have fabric ties in them. T is a stain in the top drawer on the bottom.
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