Mens 8.5 D Caiman Crocodile/Alligator Cowboy Boots 8.5D

Caiman Crocodile
~Cowboy Boots~

Men's Size: 8½ D
Caiman Crocodile
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This fine pair features genuine Caiman Crocodile in jet black. Aside from a regrettable gouge in the left counter, they are in great shape. You can see the damaged counter below, and it actually is difficult to detect without being told about it. Fortunately, no one will ever notice it when worn.
The skins are in excellent, supple condition without a hint of dryness or cracking. Additional Caiman pieces decorate the tops.
Nicely matched, with plenty of bold gator texture. Due to the hinged rows of tiles which will flex naturally with the foot, they should prove very comfortable.
They're lined with premium leather as we'd expect. All original soles and heels are good and thick, about 92%.
Below you can see the gouge in the left counter, toward the top. Since it's been polished black and the pant leg will cover most of it anyway, no will ever notice. Regular applications of Bick 4 and an occasional
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