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Magnetic Material: Samarium Cobalt

Manufacturer's Rating: 60,000 Total Gauss Rating

Surface Gauss: 3000 Gauss (each magnet)

Penetration: 3" (8 cm)

Polarity: North Pole (-)

Item description ((B372) - Rugged yet stylish bracelet is done in an antique style gun metal gray finish for a real sharp look. Bracelet is imbedded with 20 powerful 3,000 gauss neodymium north facing magnets in every link for an incredible 60,000 total gauss rating. The magnets are permanent; they will not lose their strength! Only the highest grade metal alloy is used in manufacturing our magnetic bracelets. Bracelet is 81/2 inches in length and just over 1/2 inch wide.

Try out the power of magnets on your golf game. Many Pro golfers swear by them. Dana Quigley was a club pro in MA, bringing home about $40,000 per year. With the help of the Magnetic Bracelet, this Iron man won over a million dollars in 1998! Thru the years it has been said that the lode stone, used in magnetic jewelry has a healing affect for many ailments. Place this jewelry upon your body and reap the benefits. The Chinese have long believed that magnetism increases

This is an actual email I received from one of our customers after wearing the magnetic bracelet: Hi! Just wanted you to know since I bought this bracelet several months ago I haven't been woken up with stabbing legs cramps once! Its been a God send for me. I tell all my friends who suffer from the same poor circulation and 'Charlie horses' to get this bracelet and try it! It's better than any pill I've ever tried. I just love it! Thank you for making this medical miracle so attractive and affordable! Sleeping much sounder now...Bobbie


About our business

Big Star Enterprises is one of the top sellers of quality fashion jewelry on Ebay. Don't let our low prices be confused with low quality. We have over 10 years of proven success. You may ask yourself, how do you sell your items for so much less than other Ebay sellers? Simple, we manufacture it, we sell it, we ship it, no middle men. That with small profits and high volume sales has made us #1. Thanks for taking a look, we appreciate your business! Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter with sales and other special offers. !

Dirk Thompson

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