mens ski boots 28.5 Salomon Performa 7.0 Sport black 4 buckle 10-1/2

Mens Salomon Performa 7.0 Sport ski boot s in black and gray have all the bells and whistles:
Mens size 28.5 mondo, translates into a US 10-1/2. 4 micro adjust able aluminu m buckles, and the t op 2 can be macro adjusted. They are on last hol e for l argest fit - there are two more holes sp aced a lmost 1" apart to make tigh ter. Flex: 75-80 Canting a djustment Height adju stment Custom fit Huma n Print liner with nice po wer strap. H eat thes e babies up (gently!), strap 'em down tight, stand put for about 20 minutes and they will comform to your foot nicely. Or just ski in them for a while and it will do the same thing, only slower. Hard/soft adjustment on back ( probably like an agressive ski mode or a more laid-back ski mode) Replace able heel and toe pieces (i f you don't dra g your fee t around the par king lot, the se will last a good long time!) I love Salomon boots. They seem to work well for those of us with a wider fore foo t, but not neccessarily a fat foot. I had a pair of Performa s a few years back and remember lik ing them. They were comfortable. These are p robabl y (but don't quote me, refer to your buyer s' guides) a good all -around interme diate(+/-) boot. I bou ght these preowned for a friend but they didn't fit him so now I offer th is boot to you. It is in Excellent Used / Almost New Condition (see condition
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