Mens Vintage Nocona Alligator Crocodile Cowboy Boots 10

This is a pair of high quality Vintage “White Label” Nocona boots which were made in the 70’s in Nocona Tx, USA. As most boot connoisseurs know older boots were better made boots and this pair is no different. Built to last and the fact that they look this good 30+ years after being crafted in a small Texas town speak volumes to those who lament the passing of the good ol’ days. The Nocona factory is still t (I’ve been) but it is now used to make jeans and baseball gloves – who knows w Nocona boots are made these days?!

These boots are not only in *almost* perfect condition but they are made of what I believe to be a no longer commercially available skin type . At first glance they appear to look very similar to alligator “belly” but note the hexagonal shape of the tiles and I think that you will agree that these boots must be made of some other type of sea reptile. The style number stamped inside the boot reads “7171”

The vamps are a peanut brittle color and the shafts are a light tobacco. The shafts have nine rows of colored stitching with white piping around the collars. The inlays are a traditional Nocona design, and what I call the basic flame. They have a standard walking heel and a semi-pointed toe.

These boots are impeccably clean inside and out and IMO are 95% + perfect . Both of the vamps and
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