Mephisto-Huis-Multim-in Parvo & Reverse Magic Trick NR

Mephisto-Huis-Multim-in Parvo & Reverse Magic Trick Illusion

This is a great visual illusion extremely well-made of thick Plexiglass that will amaze & amuse your audience. It comes with the pitcher, the 4 glasses & the tray as shown. The photo sequence shows the essence of the trick. You show a small glass filled with milk. When you pour the contents into the next size larger glass, it fills it up!?!? You continue this until the pitcher is filled-all from the original liquid in the small glass!!

I guess that is the “ Multim -in Parvo ” part because comes the reverse. You take the pitcher and fill all of the glasses with milk as shown. This one will leave them stumped!! You could probably also do this with a colored liquid if you wanted to use a religious theme and show how a small amount of ‘wine” can be turned into a large amount. This item is ready to go and very simple to use, suitable for the beginner, but made for the professional. The walls on the “glassware are almost ¼ inch thick & this is not a set that “sweet little Johnny” will crack by stepping on it after his friends knock it off the card table you un-wisely chose to hold the props….Sorry, w was I??

I do not have the original instructions, but I will include my instructions with the set. It is pretty obvious when you look
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