Merchants Mag & Commercial Review, Vol 12 Jan-Jun 1845

The Merchant's Magazine, and Commercial Review. Conducted by Freeman Hunt, Editor of the Library of Commerce, Etc.; Corresponding Member of the American Statistical Society; Member of the New York Historical Society; Honorary Member of the Mercantile Library Associations of New York, Boston, Baltimore, and Louisville, Etc., Etc. Volume Twelve. From January to June, 1845" New-York: Published at 142 Fulton-Street MDCCCXLV. As indicated by Mr. Hunt's creditials, each monthly volume contains an enormous amount of statistics, records, chronicles, as well as many articles of relevant topics of contemporary business subjects and their applications & regulations on their use and distribution. This is an important find for the researcher, historian, collectors, etc.. Though the word did not exist in this time frame, t will be found many "spreadsheets" and "data" pertinent to the national import/export of agricultural and business commodities, it documents everything from raw materials, their manufacture, delivery, and duties throughout the world. Each monthly issue consisted of the following sections: Articles - Topical issues of everything from tariffs to German commerce to social issues Monthly Commercial Chronicle - Embracing a financial and commercial review of the United States, Etc., Illustrated with tables... Mercantile Law Department ... read more