Mercury Living Presence Stereo SR90103 SESSIONS McPHEE

Please read the entire description, including Shipping and grading details!
You are bidding on the LP shown. This is a Vintage 12", 33 & 1/3 rpm Vinyl LP! It is NOT a recent reissue! All records Graded BY EYE ONLY!
PLEASE READ: This LP is from a recent collection I bought of over 400 MINT or NEAR MINT Classical LPs. The former owner had probably near 3500 LPs, so needless to say he didn't listen to any of them more than a time or two before going on to his newest acquisitions. The Vinyl quality is exceptionally high on these! I presume most had only 1 play. Often there aren't even any spindle marks. Uniformly, the Vinyl retains it's original 'AS NEW' Gloss and freshness. This is one of the largest collections of Very High Quality VINTAGE Classical LPs I have ever purchased, and certainly the one with overall, the best condition Vinyl. REMEMBER MY HIGHEST GRADE IS NM-even if unplayed! I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with the LP quality! There are lots of Living Presence, Shaded Dogs, DGG, Bluebacks etc etc to come out. Keep checking back.
Some LP COVERS are a bit dusty, and sometimes the former owner made a discreet note and date in ink on the rear cover of the sleeves. These will be noted in the descriptions.
Mercury SR90103. Stereo. Maroon label with silver lettering. FR 3 / FR 5 in the dead wax. A
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