Meri Kits, MK 71 Brabham BMW 1:43 mini metal race car model kit, as shown

mini metal race car model kit, as shown estate finds believe most all there but cannot guarantee completness as parts are so small and I wouldnt know where to begin, if I do know of something missing I will put in ad but you are buying as is as seen. thank youIf INSTRUCTIOS NOT shown we do not have them but U can download them on internet. Cannot guarantee completeness of Models which are from an estate of which I dont have the time to check each piece so they are sold as is as you see them with many appearing untouched and others pieces taken off of plastic holders but still seem to be there but again you are getting what you see in the pictures so look good and be happy that you get what you see and please dont turn around and claim not as described as you get what you see. thank you. READ DISCLAIMER ON PURCHASES, Payments, Claims SHIPPING & FEEDBACK Prior To Bidding.. numbers/letters pre parenthesis ) is stock # does not signify a quantity e.g. l 3) A 7) etc. Read description carefully. If You Do Not Have 3+ feedback contact us before bidding or may cancel bid, We do combine shipping on multi purchase so please wait for revised invoice. Items work & are free from major defect unless specified, but many items are used, so if there is a problem contact us before using ITEM not as described option or inappropriate feedback, ... read more