Merlinite Dendritic Opal Wand Agate Quartz Crystal

Merlinite Wand!!!
Merlinite Dendritic Opal, Agate
Chalcedony with Striking Varieties of Colour
Absolutely Awesome Wand it’s a Singer too!!!

It’s not everyone who can say they have a Merlinite Wand! This Merlinite Wand is a “Singer” too! Just like a crystal that sings, this Merlinite has the same “ting” when tapped against another crystal!
This Lovely wand has all kinds of neat crackled looking areas, some nice chalcedony areas, and even 2 small areas which look like Blue Lace Agate (these areas are small!). T are No Actual Black Dendrites in this piece. This piece of Merlinite was cut from the same piece of Idaho Merlinite as the other Merlinite Wands I have carried. This is Merlinite, I promise!
My supplier has the big rocks of Merlinite it came from to prove it!
Since Merlinite derives its’ name from the famous Legend of Merlin… it seemed only natural for some special pieces of Merlinite to become a Wand! It conjures up images of the Woodlands, and the Renaissance Era… of Forests and Faeries ~ the Moss and the Moonlight w Elfin Folk dance!
This Cool Wand was worked by hand until it was smooth and polished! It is New… the work on it was completed a few days ago! This Merlinite is a “Wand” shape, it wasn’t made to stand for display; the base is slightly rounded. It seemed like a perfect


It Measures Approx:
3 1/8inches x ¾ inch x ½ inch.

The body of the Wand is four sided.
The corners are slightly rounded and the termination
has completely rounded edges…
It’s Really Sweet!!!


It will come protected in a new velvet pouch!


For those of you interested in the Metaphysical Properties:

As you can imagine Merlinite (Dendritic Opal or Dendritic Agate) is a stone shrouded in the Wonderful Mystical Lore of Merlin the Wizard from Eons past! The Stone Conjures images of Mystery and Reverence for the Earth and what is held precious And mysterious within her grasp! It is said that Merlinite holds both Earthly and Celestial Vibrations. Lore states holding and using Merlinite with Noble Intentions and a Pure White Light allows access to Akashic Records and the knowledge of what is Right and Good known from ages past! It is said to aide in attuning One to their soul’s Purest desire, and aiding in the connection with their conscious mind. It has been cleaned (gently), cleansed and cleared and loves being held!
Please note:
I am not an expert on metaphysical information!
The information provided is my interpretation of
Many, Many Opinions Which All Differ.
I do try to provide accurate information,
as best that I can understand Metaphysics.
I feel nature has provided us with limitless mysteries,
and I hope we can never figure them all out!

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