MERRY CONSUMERISM 2015 Silver Shield 1 oz .999 Silver BU Round -SBSS Santa Slave

---Silver Shield - Merry Consumerism
1 oz .999 Fine Silver Bullion Strike
---Ships Free & comes with Free air-tite brand coin capsule
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______________THE ART_____________
The 2015 Silver Shield Merry Consumerism harkens back to the infancy of consumerism in post-WW2 America. Large American manufacturers were fearful that after the glut of war spending, that their factories would shut down. They employed the likes of Madison Avenue advertisers and the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays, to spur consumer demand.
Edward Bernays was the father of product placement, celebrity spokesmen, modern advertising and media manipulation. Edward Bernays knew that people were truly motivated to purchase products from irrational behaviors and used psychology to get people to buy things that they did not need. For example, he linked rebellion and cigarettes to get women to smoke even though logic would dictate that smoking is a harmful addiction.
The 2015 Merry Consumerism mocks the consumerism that has run amok in America and destroyed a once high holy day. The proud father figure arrogantly endorses his family's debt slavery with his "Slave" Credit Card. The "Sex Sells" mother figure ignorantly passes down more "stuff" to her children. And the spoiled child is never satisfied while shackled
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