Two bottles of Merthiolate, one of Merth. Tincture (mixed with alcohol and a coloring agent to identify area of application), and a bottle of Merth. Solution. (Pic #4) The basic chemical both are made of is the Thimerosal, which is an organic mercury compound. They both have a high antiseptic effect. Either of these are no longer in production since the FDA decided that it contained too much mercury and banned it from the market as it was composed. Since then, you can still buy merthiolate in the US, but it contains no mercury.

These antiseptics were very effective as first aid antiseptic agents. These were use to dab or swab to cuts, bruises and scratches. Also used in pre-surgical procedures and my guess is that a person having surgery was exposed to way too much mercury.

I estimate this to be from circa pre-1960, since the address's on the bottles do not include zip-codes.

Each bottle is marked 30cc and since they are pretty equal side-by-side in volume comparison, I would venture to say both bottles are nearly full. (Pic. #5). (The contents of merthiolate is identified soley on assumption and by its color, odor and labeling and has not been chemically analyzed).

Because of the age of these chemicals, they are not meant for use either
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