Metal Casting Furnace/Fire Clay Crucible

Home Foundry Furnace
Manufactured by Lost & Foundry Spokane, WA USA

Your bidding on a n ew
Model L(Large) Furnace /Burner,regulator and hose included.
Fire Clay Crucible (lifting/pouring shank included)
We ship with FedEx in the US, shipping is between $50 - $85. Send a zip code for EXACT shipping.
We ship with USPS International. Please, send your postal code for EXACT shipping quote.
Now melting aluminum, brass, bronze, gold & silver can be done by everyone with this naturally aspirated, compact and portable foundry.
Take anyw, store anyw Takes up very little space!
No electricity and no blower needed, a break through in crucible furnace technology!
Furnace comes in 3 sections (lid,body,base) weighs 74 lbs, assembles in under 5 minutes (screw driver).
Propane powered, hook up to any standard tank (BBQ style).
Items you will need to supply:
1. Propane tank (BBQ Style, any size )
2.scrap metal gear (glasses & gloves).
4. Ingot mold/steel muffin pan (pouring extra metal in)
We have steel crucibles and links for silicon carbides and clay graphites
Have your furnace out of the box, fired up and pouring molds in less than 10 minutes! No mixing, no mess, nothing more to buy!
Great for backyards, garages, recyclers, patios,

Our furnace will melt bronze easily. This furnace will reach 2400 degrees (We use Commercial grade refractory!) We have a link for silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles,furnaces, foundry kits, bentonite, parting dust etc, low prices!
Sand recipe below, easy to make flask instructions (free).
Sand can be used over and over again (for years), just add water after each pour and store in a airtight container.

To mix your own greensand:
100LBS silica sand (120 grit) + 1 gallon water + 12 LBS bentonite.

Bentonite is commonly used for well drilling, roofing, farm feed additive, dry lake beds, wine making, model rocketry,cosmetics, you can even find it in your health food store.
All of the sand can be reclaimed, even the burnt sand, add water and mix and store in a airtight container! You will still get the same fine detail, time after time. Just like commercial foundries!
Buyer pays shipping from 99208. Email us your zip code for shipping quotes and any questions you have to castingcowboy @ or call . Ask about our free step-by-step instructions, see what our customers say about our products and also see what our customers are making, on our testimonial page. We have other affordable foundry supplies also!
Over 1000 sold worldwide!
All 50 States, Canada, England, Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, Nepal, Panama, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Scotland, Australia, Sweden, The Philippines, Iraq, Norway, Belgium, Guatemala, Russia and Germany.

Great for the craftsman, artists, sculptures, machinists, mechanics, beginners, and the do it yourself folks .
A great new tool, awsome gift idea!
Start a second business from your home, as a hobby or for extra money.
We have helped many businesses, are a few /4.htm
Our foundries are used to make motorcycle parts, tattoo machines, prototypes, branding irons, hot rods, old car emblems, steel quitars, model train parts list goes on.
Customers replicate dino bones, guns, toys, trains, gothic lanterns, again the list goes on.
We have many foundries in high schools, colleges and universities all over the US.

Metal casting is very easy to learn, operating the furnace is a breeze.
In our spare time we teach metal casting to kids and adults for the last 9 years now, its called "craft casting", Very easy!
s a link /Craft%20Molding.htm
Learn to teach greensand casting, its easy and fun. Ask us how.
Used by schools ( high schools, private schools, universities and colleges) , also foundries, manufacturers, hobbyists, jewelers, dentists, teachers and ...
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