METAL HORSE FIGURINES Bronze Copper Iron Gladys Brown

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METAL HORSE COLLECTIONS (2001)--304 pages--originally sold for $39.95--features metal horse figurines, not only free standing pieces but also bookends, clocks, bottle openers, salt and pepper shakers, and many other colectible items with a 3-dimentional metal horse composition. Brass and pewter items are included in this book, but were left out of the second book because of space concerns. Over 1300 photographs are included in this book. It is fully up-to-date...values have not changed significantly since publication.

METAL HORSE FIGURINES (2004)--208 pages-- features collectible old metal freestanding horses. Approximately 500 from the first book, with about 500 additional pieces--some really BEAUTIFUL works! You will be amazed at how many gorgeous horse works were done in metal in the early to mid-1900s.


These books are available ONLY from the author--You will NOT find them any cheaper than right on eBay!

At the bottom of this listing is a scan of 6 reduced pages from METAL HORSE FIGURINES. Both books are done in the same format, with perhaps fewer items per page in the earlier book. It has a longer NOTES section at the end, with some interesting historical information that I did not have room to include in the second book.

Turn your horse hobby into a treasure hunting adventure! It is such fun to search for these beautiful pieces in antique shops AND they appear regularly on eBay, often listed by sellers who have no idea of history or value of the pieces. One informed metal horse purchase could justify the cost of either book. These books are jam-packed with much more information than the average collector books. They represent years of work and an extensive personal investment by the author in order to make this information available to collectors. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or purchase price will be cheerfully refunded!

Purchasers/collectors/book reviewers have given both books HIGH PRAISE! They are the only books ever available with extensive coverage of this topic!

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METAL HORSE COLLECTIONS contents: 1) Art/Souvenir/Toy with and without tack and/or rider: cowboys, cowgirls, Native Americans, Jockeys, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Famous people, soldiers, knights. 2) Souvenir: painted or one color. 3) Carnival pieces. 4) Harness horses with and without vehicle. 5) Various horse items: pencil sharpeners, bells, keychains, uniform decorations, wall items, hooks, bottle openers, tools, kitchen items, dishes, desk items (inkwells), bookends, clocks, finials and other outdoor items, a few trophies, harness brasses, and a sampling of antique jewelry. 6) An extensive notes section. 7) Artist and company information.

METAL HORSE FIGURINES contents: 1) Art/Souvenir/Toy pieces without tack 2) Some Breyer and Hartland copies 3) A sampling of Mortens 4) Souvenirs 5) Carnival Horses 6) Banks 7) Art/Souvenir/Toy Western Tack (includi...

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