Metal Industrial Glass Door Stacking Bookcase Vintage

Metal Industrial Glass Door Stacking Bookcase Vintage

We are selling a stunning and functional 3 section metal industrial barrister bookcase. This piece has very clean, simple lines and would mix well with primitive, country, industrial, or modern decor.

Gaze at the 3 section with sliding glass doors. It comes apart in 3 sections and the glass doors open, close, and slide with ease. The doors are remove able for easy movement. The simplicity this piece exudes is unmistakable. It is painted an industrial gray, probably baked on, but if you wanted you could take it down to bare metal for the look if that's what you want to achieve.

Use this shelf in your library, office, living room, bedroom, or beside a lovely favored chair in your personal sitting room. The ease this piece could be incorporated into your decor is unreal. The simple, straight, modern lines and all over feel this bookshelf radiates makes it a perfect addition to anyone's home. An added twist to display books in your favorite setting.

It is sturdy and in very good condition but some very minor wear can be seen. At one time it had a small base that is not needed and a small top which is not needed. It measures 46" tall, 32 3/4" wide, and 12 7/8" deep. It is 11 7/8" inside.

Please enlarge our photos and take a look.

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