Metal Sculpture Flying Dutchman Zeppelin AirShip Art

The late Edward J. "Skeeter" Wachtendon 's Metal and Fabric Sculpture Art Flying Dutchman Zeppelin Airship Model Electric Motion Art Sculpture Fantasy Flying Boat Airplane with Dragon. Plug in and Switch on electric motor creates special effects (Fx). Will hang nicely on a wall or could be braced to free stand. This would be excellent in casual offices, club house, entertainment venue, or private home.

Condition is Very Good. Collectible working welded metal art flying zepplin airship "The Flying Dutchman" fantasy sculpture with plug-in motion effects. Working. Dragon is loosely attached. Some moving parts have lubricant residue. Slightly dusty and could use some cleanin'.

I have been in touch with the late artist's family and am delighted to be able to offer this vintage " Skeeter" Wachtendon, Flying Dutchman Co. Zeppelin sculpture to you. Skeeter Wachtendon created a substantial amount of airplane and some ship art. Some large models display at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Zeppeli sail wings, lamps, and other features move. Balloon and rudder are cloth. Most other parts are metal. Theme is like puff the magical dragon on the flying ship with its billowed sails, a lofty blimp, or the legend of the flying Dutchman. Big eyed pilot drives from within gondola while partner steers and keeps a lookout ffrom the stern
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