Metallica "No Life Til Leather" CD - Legendary Demo!

is a CD version of Metallica’s famed “No Life ‘TilLeather” demo tape from 1982.

This CD was made from high quality MP3s of the original demo tape. I had originally re-created a cassette replica, as I got tired of seeing all of the “authentic” versions going for outrageous amounts of money. First of all, the original cassette was a homemade demo tape put onto blank TDKs by Lars Ulrich, a mad tape trader. So, how do you, or the person selling it, even know their tape is authentic to begin with? And secondly, the cassettes I saw for sale were always beat up, and aging badly with lots of yellow. So, as a huge fan of early Metallica, I decided to make my own! I’ll be selling versions of the cassette soon, but since the CDs are easier to create, I thought I’d sell a few of these to fund the tape version. Ha! So, the faster these CDs sell, the faster a brand new and AFFORDABLE version of the tape will be out t

As stated above, the music on this CD was taken from high quality MP3 rips of Metallica’s 1982 demo tape “No Life ‘Til Leather”. The seven tracks are as follows: Hit The Lights, The Mechanics, Motorbreath, Seek & Destroy, Metal Militia, Jump In The Fire, and Phantom Lord. These tracks were burned onto plain black and silver CDRs. The CDs have no labeling on them at all. They are very clean and look great, totally
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