METEORITE A very Rare EL3 From Africa, NWA 2965, 12.79g

is a 12.79 gram, slice of NWA 2965, "A very unusual EL3 Chondrite Paleo-Meteorite occurring as cobbles in a terrestrial conglomerate. This enstatite-rich meteorite was first discovered in Algeria in 2005. It was originally thought to be an aubrite, EL 6/7, and others, but scientific examination of new material has revealed the presence of features that require revision of that classification. Several stones contain sparse (<1 vol.%) but very distinct round, radial pyroxene chondrules up to 3 mm across (image 2), as well as rounded, fine-grained aggregates up to 6 mm across composed mainly of either enstatite or sodic plagioclase (image 3). The dominant primary phase in NWA 2965 is essentially pure enstatite, which forms stubby prismatic grains."

Most of the specimens that I have to offer, came from one large specimen weighing 3500 grams. This piece was solid and the outside showed some fusion crust. NWA 2965 is a glorious and unique meteorite with a super price for an EL3!

Northwest Africa 2965 Algeria

Find: August 2005

Enstatite chondrite (EL 6/7)

History : Hundreds of fragments that weigh >100 kg were collected in the Algerian desert in 2004. Small fragments (~100 g) are commonly weatd to a dark brown with very dark weathering veins. Large pieces may retain portions of weatd fusion
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