Meteorite CAPOT REY, Niger, Chondrite H5, 19.7g. Nice

Meteorite CapotRey (Niger)

H5 Chondrite

General information:

Chondrites: ~ 86% of all meteroite cases, the majority of all found meteorites, they contain olivine and orthopyroxenes. (high nickel iron portion). Chondrites contain spherical chondrules, which consist of olivine and and/or pyroxenes/orthopyroxenes. Their nickel iron portion is high (5 to 20 %). Chondrites represent the building material, from that the solar system, the planets and our earth developed.
H-Chondrites: "High Metal", iron content 27,5 %. H-Chondrites contain olivine, pyroxenes as well as bronzite.
Capot Rey: Many pieces w found on a strewnfield measuring 7x3.5km in the desert of Niger. The biggest piece have a weight of 2kg. we offer a beautiful fragment of Capot Rey. This nice piece shows a highly shocked area, many fine shock veins are visible.
Weight of this polished piece: 19.7 grams.
Dimensions of the cut surface: ~ 2.3 x 1.6 cm.
Data: Find: March 2004, Niger

Total known weight: 38kg

Classification: Chondrite H5 / S2, W1
(1 stone also reclassified as IMB at NAU,Arizona)
Fa 18.1, Fs 15.2 (mol %) . Coordinates: 20°07.556' N ,
10°12.336' E Published in Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 89
We are member of IMCA (3457)
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