METEORITE-CLOVER SPRINGS- with Historic Nininger Label- Very Rare

*Meteorites with Historic Collection or Museum Labels are in high demand these days. Provenance is very important when collecting meteorite specimens. Meteorites with labels of provenance are getting harder and harder to find, and all are worth collecting. Here is a specimen with excellent provenance.
This is a 31.2 gram, end slice of The CLOVER SPRINGS Meteorite. This Mesosiderite was found in 1954 and Recognized in 1955. It was found in Gila County, Arizona. Total known weight is 7.7 kg. This specimen comes with the original label and this specimen is AMM number - 646.33. The American Meteorite Museum was started by H. H. Nininger. and in the later years run by Glen Huss and the Huss family, as the American Meteorite Laboratory. This is a "TRUE" Nininger specimen and comes before the "Huss Era" because H.H.Nininger used just numbers in his catalog system, while Huss started his with an "H". This is an amazing specimen, with old label from Nininger, and is one of the largest specimens in a private collection!

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I first started my cosmic journey with meteorites in 1996. I have always been interested in Natural History and ever since I was very young, I have collected rocks, fossils, artifacts and the like. In fact, I have been pretty darn good at finding
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