METEORITE- (New) DATIL - New Mexico - L6 Melt Breccia - 0.51 gram

Here is a 0.51 gram, fragment, showing nice black fusion crust of The DATIL Meteorite. This is one that I have been working on for a number of years. Classification is complete and information has been submitted to the Meteoritical Bulletin for approval. It has been submitted as a witnessed fall, because I have spent over 500 hours of hunting and using witness interviews and video footage from Sandia National Laboratory to find the witnessed fall from September 13th, 2007. This is very rugged and empty country. Witnesses were few, but enough to narrow it down. I started hunting for this 3 months after the reported fall, and found my first individual on April 11, 2010. The weathering grade of W0 is significant because it is more than likely it is from the fireball of September 13th, 2007. Below is the official information submitted. It is up to the committee to determine if it will be a fall or a find. However, with a weathering grade of "0", it is a very fresh meteorite regardless.
* All pieces I have available are listed here on ebay. All the large specimens have long since been acquired and reside in private collections. The total known weight is only 481 grams. To date over 1000 hours have been spent searching for more specimens and none have been recovered in a very, very long time.


New Mexico, USA

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