METEORITE Hard to Find HUGOTON, Kansas, H5, 2.31 gram

Michael Cottingham Meteorite Collection Specimen, MCOTT#332

is a 2.31 gram specimen of The HUGOTON Meteorite. This H5 Chondrite was discovered in Stevens County, Kansas in 1927. The total known weight is an amazing 355.6 kilos, making this one of the largest stone meteorites ever recovered in North America. Still hard to find specimens of this meteorite, even with the large known weight... pretty uncommon.

Michael Cottingham's Meteorite Collecting History and (Mini) Bio...

I first started my cosmic journey with meteorites in 1996. I have always been interested in Natural History and ever since I was very young, I have collected rocks, fossils, artifacts and the like. In fact, I have been pretty darn good at finding unusual Natural History objects. However, I had never found a meteorite and I didn't even know w to begin. So, I first started by buying a few specimens to see what they actually looked like. Then I would take these specimens out into the desert area w I live and I would place them on the ground. I was trying to train my "eye" to see differently. Sometimes, I would take my meteorite specimens and throw them as far as I could into the desert, and then I would go search for them.

I started to search dry lake beds and dune areas in the Southern part of my state. In Jan/1997 I was searching
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