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(A Specimen 1861VM)
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A VM Meteorite sample (1861) (more info lower in this page)
Specimen: Vaca Muerta
Type: Mesosiderite
Weight: <1g.
From Outer Space to impact in the Atacama Desert (Northern Region of Chile)
The perfect item for a School, University, Museums, Collectors, etc. Vaca Muerta is a rare stony iron meteorite which impacted the Atacama desert (Chile) long, long time ago.
This meteorite was found in 1861 and is classified as a Stony-Iron Meteorite If you are the winner bidder you will receive the meteorite, as shown in the picture, that will be cushioned to protect him from damage in the shipping process.

Some facts about Vaca Muerta:

This meteorite was found in 1861 in the driest desert of the world: The Atacama, Chile.
It is classified as a stony-iron, mesosiderite.
Eucrites are believed to have come from the asteroid Vesta. Mesosiderites are formed on the surface of a parent body as a result of impacts with another body.
Vaca Muerta is a differentiated silicate and metal rich meteorite containing many silicate and eucrite inclusions. For this meteorite to show such a varied and disrupted
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