METEORITE NWA 2834, L5 Chondrite, 27.61 gram, NEW

is a 27.61 gram part slice, of The NWA 2834 Meteorite. This L5 Chondrite was found in Northwest Africa in 2004 and has a total known weight of 792 grams. Most of this weight is staying in the main mass. T are unusual black inclusions in some of the specimens and a light scattering of metal throughout. A very nice meteorite for your collection.

Michael Cottingham's Meteorite Collecting History and (Mini) Bio...

I first started my cosmic journey with meteorites in 1996. I have always been interested in Natural History and ever since I was very young, I have collected rocks, fossils, artifacts and the like. In fact, I have been pretty darn good at finding unusual Natural History objects. However, I had never found a meteorite and I didn't even know w to begin. So, I first started by buying a few specimens to see what they actually looked like. Then I would take these specimens out into the desert area w I live and I would place them on the ground. I was trying to train my "eye" to see differently. Sometimes, I would take my meteorite specimens and throw them as far as I could into the desert, and then I would go search for them.

I started to search dry lake beds and dune areas in the Southern part of my state. In Jan/1997 I was searching an area East of Columbus, New Mexico and I finally did what most people
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