METEORITE Super Rare CANON CITY, Colorado, H6 Fall !

is another extremely rare micro/macro from my collection. This is a Super nice, 0.48 gram, fragment of The CANON CITY Meteorite. One stone of 1.4kg fell through the roof of a garage, 3.18km north of Canon City, Colorado, USA on October 27, 1973, at 18:00hrs. This is a very hard to acquire "Hammer Stone" and I have only seen a few specimens of this for sale over the years.

*Throughout my ebay store pages, I am featuring a whole series of extremely rare micro-mounts. These pieces are rare because of low known weight, type, location, and availability. Most can not be purchased any w else. They are expensive because in reality they are extremely rare and after 10 years in the meteorite market, I have gained a lot of experience in what is rare and what is not. These rare micro and macro's are not cheap, and most of them are from my personal collection and cannot be replaced. Also, keep in mind that rare and obscure witnessed falls now demand top dollar. T are very few of these specimens available for the ever growing meteorite collecting is growing big time!

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