Metlox Romanelli Cornucopia Maid

chia504 - Metlox Flower Holder Cornucopia Maid Click to view more images Click to view more images Price: $ 175.00 Item Number: chia504 Price: $ 175.00 We accept Checks and Money Orders We also accept This matte glaze white vase or flower holder is adorned with a semi-nude maiden leaning against the cornucopia shaped vase. It is Metlox #1805, with a C. Romanelli impressed on the side and the black stamp on the bottom. Romanelli designed many art deco pieces for Metlox in the later part of the 1930s decade. This is a relatively rare piece. Art Deco in style. It is 8.75" tall, and except for a tiny unnoticeable fleabite on the inner rim of one of the vases it is in very good condition. Because of this very slight flaw, I am offering it at much less than the book price of $225-$250. You will love her, she is breathtaking, her features well defined and the whole is artistically pleasing.