This is a Metrodyne super-six (6) tube battery radio from 1926. T are 6 Filament good cx201a tubes in the set and they come with it. Just look at the gold tuning condensors, a rarity in itself. Even the interstage transformers are matching gold and then with the Green Coils, this is one hell of a SEXY chassis. T are some really and I mean really miniscule flaws in the wood but trust me this is one classy looking radio. The case is simply beautiful and the chassis is incredibly clean. Please look at all our photo's and allow for the flash glare. This cabinet is evenly colored a nice walnut color with some nice grain detail in the wood. I tried to shoot great pics but the flash glare had a mind of it's own. This is one super beautiful radio, clean as a whistle with good wood all around. The minor imperfections in the wood do not in the least take away from the breathtaking condition of this radio. Bid with confidence, this is one really great radio in excellent condition inside and out, it's worth more than it will sell for. We pack very well and that takes time and material. Mitch and Jimmy

We are not Photogs and with all the work lights on and the flash glare we couldn't get a good shot of the cabinet. Trust me that this finish is excellent, even and true. The photo's suck, the radio doesn't. We never lie to sell anything.
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