Metropolitan Washington, DC Police Challenge Coin NICE!

Over the next two or three years, I will be selling a lifetime collection of State Police, State Patrol and Highway Patrol collectibles. I also have many items from US Territories, including Guam , US Virgin Islands , Puerto Rico and American Samoa . In addition, I have extensive collections representing all of the current and former law enforcement agencies in Orange County , California . Also, some specialty collections such as Presidential Inaugural badges issued to the Washington , DC Metropolitan Police beginning in 1937. I have breast badges, hat badges, patches, rank insignia, special unit insignia, patrol car license plates, hats (with hat badges), patrol car license plates, old photographs, medals and awards, expired ID cards, challenge coins, State Police/Highway Patrol yearbooks and commemorative books, some breast badge/hat badge sets and many, many other things. It has been my practice to maintain a file for each state in which I have a treasure of information, articles, photographs, correspondence from the various agencies and background information and histories. Priority will be given to collectors who wish to acquire an entire state's collection ; such sales will include the custom made display cases in which the collections are mounted as well as all contents of files which I have accumulated. If you buy
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