Mexican 5 Lt Agua Fresca Glass Barrel Beverage Jar NEW

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Heavy crystal clear glass Mexican barrel jars by Crisa

10 liter (left) & 5 liter (right)


These are the traditional way to serve delicious agua fresca Mexican fruit coolers. Large wide mouthed heavy weight glass jars with lid for dipping with a ladle. Restaurant style clear rolled glass.

Aguas frescas (Spanish for "cold waters") are a combination of fruits, herbs or botanicals and sugar and water, blended together to make a refreshing beverage. Although most common in Mexico, aguas frescas are also popular in Central America and the Caribbean. Some of the most popular flavors include agua de tamarindo (made with tamarind pods), agua de jamaica (made with hibiscus flower), and agua de frutas (made with fresh fruit).

In Mexico the beverage is often sold by street vendors who ladle the juice into plastic bags. A straw is inserted into the opening and the top is taped closed. Agua frescas are traditionally mixed and served in large heavy glass beverage "barrels" with a wide mouth that allows serving with a ladle.

These authentic heavy glass barrels
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