Mexican Art Huichol Chaquira COYOTE figurine - Chaq_02

Wood - Beeswax - Chaquira beads
Mexican Huichol Tribe style.
Unique Coyote figurine!

This is a beautiful Wood figurine representing:
This colorful coyote serenades the night with the spirit of the Huichol people. It is carved from copalillo wood and with images from Huichol beliefs including jicurí, or peyote flower [sides], regarded to be sacred. The "ojo de Dios" ("eye of God") talisman is believed to protect from evil [on its back]. Other images include teruka [neck and chest], the scorpion and guardian of corn fields, the Huichol's main source of nourishment.
Dimentions :
4.5 in. tall (bottom to top of mouth) aprox.
3 in. wide (tail to chest)
1.5 in. thick (from the back)
Materials :
Copalillo Wood figurine,
covered with beeswax (Cera de Campeche)
and colored chaquira beads.

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The Huichol Indians ( pronounced Wee-chol) can be found in the most remote regions of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico.
Today, the Huichol Indians number in a range of only 10,000 Indians.
They are a primitive nation of Indians still holding onto their customs, believing in serveral gods, mythology and the psychic forces which lead them into today's existence. These myths and gods, which
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