Mexican calavera engraving Manuel Manilla, contemporary of Jose Guadalupe Posada

Calavera: "Levantaos de sus fosas, calaveras, que aqui se halla el mayor de las troneras"

engraving by Manuel Manilla (c. 1830-1895)

You are bidding on an engraving by the late 19th-early 20th Century Mexican artist Manuel Manilla. Manilla created these engravings for the penny press of Antonio Vanegas Arroyo, who went on to publish the work of Jose Guadalupe Posada. The engravings were originally used as illustrations for broadsides, advertisements, posters, and story booklets. This engraving, originally published in 1904, is a restrike, probably from the 1970s or 1980s. It was printed directly from the original plate by Arsacio Vanegas Arroyo, (the grandson of Antonio). Printed on light coated paper.

One of the genres exploited by Vanegas Arroyo's press was the "calavera," made for Mexico's Day of the Dead, with caricatures in the form of skeletons. The calavera prints were made famous by Manilla's successor Posada, and the genre was later updated for political purposes by Mexico's famous political print workshop, the Taller de Grafica Popular (TGP).

A generous selection of Manilla engravings was published in the book "Manilla: Monografia de 598 estampas de Manuel Manilla, grabador mexicano" by Mercurio Lopez Casillas (Mexico City: Editorial RM, 2005). This engraving is illustrated on page 86
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