3 Old Mexican Noriega Swords Eagle Head Pommel Scimitar

3 Old Mexican Noriega Swords Eagle Head Pommel Scimitar

Swords for your collection.

Up for auction is a pair of collectible swords made in Mexico.

The first sword has a blade measuring 23” from point to guard, and has a partially sharpened edge. The sword is 28” overall. The guard and pommel are single piece construction made to resemble an eagle’s head. The original leather sheath is included, in poor condition. The decoration on the blade reads Mexico – Oaxaca - Me gustan los tostones y tambien los pesos pero mas me gusta esa bola de putones.

Secondly, we have two swords, simulating Scimitars or Saracen swords. Both are made in Mexico and bear the Noriega mark. Have 22.5” blades and are 29” overall. The pommels are eagle heads.

The first blade shows an elephant on one side, and on the opposite reads

no te arrugues cuero viejo que te quiero pa tambor.

The second blade features a komodo dragon on one side, and reads

a mi no me importa el cuero el chiste es sacar correas.

Don’t hesitate, and this great set of blades can reside in your home! Do take care when opening the package, as the points can be dangerous.

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