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This set has been made several times in mexican history. It has actually been featured several times in books dedicated to the passion of mexican and taxco sterling.
The necklace is marked 925 mexico and it appears the rest is GC 01 and that would make it Cerro Blanco an uncommon mark -- but its not clear enough even magnified.
The earrings are the real prize they are from the 1930's -- marked sterling mexico 925 - almost identical pattern - about 1 1/2 inches long. The earrings are the most sought after of the original 1930's set because so few of the full sets were done .. mostly the necklace and bracelet are found. The necklace was again reproduced in 1978 .
I love the necklace and wear the earrings with it, since they work close sue to pattern. You will spend all night being complemented by everyone that sees it. I have actually had to take it off and let an admirer wear it! LOL that was a crazzzzy night at CBGB's -- I marvel at how wonderful life is and its silly stuff like typing that reminds me of that! :)

the necklace weighs 140 grams and the earrings are total 10 grams. substantial set! The necklace is almost 18 inches. and each section is just over 1 1/2 inches long. Its a crowd pleaser !! This will be a treasure to anyone
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