Mexico 1923 UN Peso "Libertad CAP & RAYS" Silver LEY.720 Mexico 1923 1 peso

1923 Mexico UN Peso
1923 Mexico Un Peso, .720 Silver
Thousands of these were melted!
Excellent Numismatic & Silver Value!
Mexican Silver is among the best Silver value due to precious metal content, historical numismatic value and a worldwide following.
The coin you will receive is pictured below:
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Mexican coins have a very strong following. This is largely due to the fact that in the very recent past, there was a major
event called " Error de Diciembre "(The December Error) which sent the peso into a devaluation that was supposed to be a 15%
devaluation but quickly became over 50% devaluation! In addition, hyperinflation hit the country with 54% inflation rates!
We in the USA should learn from our neighbors .Many believe that the recent FIAT currency collapses in Mexico and Argentina
only signals the beginning of things to come, GO FOR REAL HONEST MONEY! .
Mexican Coin Facts: Many of the more mature Mexicans remember the honest money of the past:
when the coins actually stated the amount of silver contained in each coin. The old Mexican silver coins were a solid and
"honest money". The Spanish Peso ("8 Reales" or "Pieces of Eight" was actually the first "world currency" which dominated
the world for over
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