This is a Mexico Exotica Porcelain Jasper slab with multiple pictures and abstract designs . Stellar colors. Absolutely amazing. This is gorgeous material from Mexico. It is known as Porcelain Jasper, and for good reason. It has a similar texture to fine porcelain and rings when two pieces knock together. This is VERY COMPLEX material with a wide variety of patterns and colors. It has a shine even right after slicing. It will polish lustrously. No cracks. No pits. GEM A+++ SLICE. Perfect for wire-wraps or cabbing. Size is added to picture for your convenience. Pictures were taken outside and material wet.

Specimen Coloration: All specimens photographed wet to simulate a polished look. The colors you see in the photos are true and accurate as the camera sees them under the circumstances in which they were taken. Longer exposures will make some colors brighter than they appear to the human eye when you are examining them. Monitors vary somewhat in their color balance and the human eye does not always perceive what the camera does. We do not enhance the colors in our photos, but we do tweak the contrast a slight amount if needed to show the differences between adjoining colors, pattern or grain.

** Fractures & Pitting: As with all rocks and minerals, fractures may occur that are not readily apparent to the viewer,
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