MEXICO $5 Peso Bimetallic 26 coin in DISPLAY BOOK

$5 Peso Bimetallic coin set in Display Book!
Bicentenario 1810-2010 and Centenario 1910-2010
This listing is for one set of 26 $5 peso Bimetallic coins. This set is part of a commemorative issue of 38 coins for the 200th anniversary of Mexican Independance and the 100th anniversary of the Revolution.
The display book prominently has the words Bicentenario de la Independencia 1810-2010 y Centenariode la Revolucion 1910-2010 Mexico on the front. On the right and side in bold red the words 200 and 100 years.
As you open the display on the left hand side t are 19 slots for the Heroes of the Independence and on the right side t are 19 slots for the Heroes of the Revolution.
This is a wonderful way to store and display this unique series from the Casa de Moneda. I have a few sets available, as well as just the books.
The mint error is the coin pictured on the left. Take note that all the coins in the series have the dots below the words ¨Bicentenario¨ on the left and Ïndependencia¨on the right. I posted both coins to make it easier to see.
The coins are as follows-
2008 Francisco ¨Pancho¨ Villa
2008 Carlos Maria Bustamante
2008 Ricardo Flores Macon
2008 Miguel Ramos Arizpe
2008 HermenegildoGalleana
2008 Mariano Matamoros
2008 Francisco J. Mugica
2008 Heriberto Jara
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