MEXICO $5 Peso Bimetallic 26 coin set w/ 2009 issues!

Full 26 pieces of $5 Bi-Metallic set!
This listing is for one set of 26 $5 peso Bimetallic coins. This set is part of a commemorative issue of coins for the 200th anniversary of Mexican Independance and the 100th anniversary of the Revolution. This is the most complete set to date, with 26!
The coins are as follows-
2008 Francisco ¨Pancho¨ Villa
2008 Carlos Maria Bustamante
2008 Ricardo Flores Macon
2008 Miguel Ramos Arizpe
2008 HermenegildoGalleana
2008 Mariano Matamoros
2008 Francisco J. Mugica
2008 Heriberto Jara
2008 Ignacio Lopez Rayon
2008 Jose Vasconcelos
2008 Alvaro Obregon
2008 Francisco Javier Mina
2008 Francisco Primo de Verdad Y Ramos
2009 Augustin de Iturbide
2009 Otilio Montano 2009 Andres Molina Enriquez 2009 Nicolas Bravo 2009 Carmen Serdan 2009 Luis Cabrera 2009 Servando Teresa de Mier 2009 Leona Vicario 2009 Belisario Dominguez 2009 Jose Maria Cos 2009 Pedro Moreno 2009 Filomeno Mata 2009 Eulalio Gutierrez
Coins are in uncirculated condition with some possible bag marks. Mint error is NOT included in this auction.
Due to recent problems with MexPost we will be shipping all items via USPS from San Diego or Texas. Since we are still in Mexico we will be making a trip twice a month to send out all orders.
We will due to our
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