N. S. Meyer Vintage Sabre Sword Belt Sam Brown No Resv

N.S. Meyer Military Sabre Belt

Sam Browne


This sword hanger belt is very thick, heavy black leather. It is in near perfect condition. It looks like new. I would say it is new old stock but it has just the slightest sign of being worn as the sword holder has rubbed back and forth against the leather beneath it (the frog). This really is just about flawless.

It is marked by the Maker N.S. Meyer as shown. I am not an expert at these items but I understand that collectors can identify the age based on the N.S. Meyer markings. I know this has some age to it. It may even be as far back as WWII vintage?

The chrome sword holder chain is marked:




All the hardware is SOLID brass!

The belt is 2 1/4" wide and 42 1/2" long.

It is marked "36" as shown.

The belt is also marked twice with gold lettering as shown.

Please ask any questions you have before bidding. If I can help you determine sizing, let me know.

Shipping is $8.85 in the USA